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Produktkategorie: Messer & Schleifmaschinen

Innovative cutting technology - easy depth adjustment for knives

Senso Plus is a depth adjustment tool for DIENES knife holders that ensures the correct knife overlap thanks to sensor technology, a LED display and an integrated knife size identification. Unlike knife holders with a scale ring for adjustment where it is crucial to know how large the diameter of the knife is, Senso Control's sensor automatically detects each individual knife diameter and reproduces the exact overlap depth.  The overlap depth is easily and conveniently checked by means of a user-friendly LED display. A clever innovation that ensures greater precision and safety, especially when changing knives. This timesaving application in combination with our sophisticated knife head adjustment, in knife holders such as DS and PSG, ensure optimum cutting edge quality with nonwoven and high speeds.  

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Produktkategorie: Messer & Schleifmaschinen

Knife Holders

Our customers can expect the best with DIENES knife holders. Namely with outstanding quality and the intensive, innovative development work of the leading manufacturer of automatic slitting technology.

Shear cut, score cut / crush cut, razor blade cut knife holders or heat cut holders, Premium, Elite or Ultimate-series, all impress with ultra-precise knife guidance and long service life, and always maintain a secure grip in daily use. In addition, almost all our knife holders can be integrated into DIENES slitting systems, such as our trend-setting SIMU-FLASH automatic, simultaneous positioning system or in our high-accuracy positioning aids with manual control.

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Produktkategorie: Messer & Schleifmaschinen

Circular and straight Knives

Whether made from steel, powder metallurgical steel (DPM), tungsten carbide, special materials or finished - our circular knives always represent perfection. In up to 40 operations and using the latest technology we manufacture highly effective products which impress in long-term use with precise and clean cutting edges. Our comprehensive pre-delivery quality checks also guarantee that there are no tolerance variations of any kind to adversely affect the performance of the slitting tools.

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Produktkategorie: Messer & Schleifmaschinen

Regrinding Service / Nachschleifservice

To ensure that your processes are not affected for longer than is necessary, DIENES offers an uncomplicated regrinding service - in certified quality and optimised by our expertise as the world's leading manufacturer of industrial slitting tools.
We have regrinding centers for your knives e. g. in Poland, USA, France,  Russia, China and Germany. 

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Über uns


DIENES is a German, medium-sized family business and a global specialist for industrial cutting solutions. Founded in 1913, DIENES is market leader in the areas of straight and circular knives, knife holders and cutting systems for industrial applications.

• Our patents have established new standards in regard to slitting technologies worldwide.
• With around 500 employees, we are the partner of choice for the paper manufacturing and processing industry worldwide.
• We are always at your side - starting with the development over the manufacturing of high-quality circular and straight knives, pneumatic knife holders as well as fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual slitting systems and ending with a full service.
• Our slitting systems with circular and straight knives for cross sheeters (up to 1,000 g/m2), bobbin slitters, narrow and large roll slitters / single drum and two drum winders (up to 3,100 m/ min) are available as plug-in systems or completely assembled and integrated by our specialists at your site.
• We are specialised in minimizing dust formation, quick format changes in conjunction with high quality slit edges and high level of occupational safety.

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