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A Smart Sheet is an adhesive sheet-type light guide Film manufactured through many processes and a special method based on various optical films.
Using Smart Sheets, light guide films can be easily manufactured without other processes.
Roll-to-roll work can be facilitated by using a squeegee (putty knife) for small work and coating laminators for large work through patterns
developed according to size, so it is possible to easily produce light guide plates.

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Produktkategorie: Druckfolien


No need water

Revolution of printing paper

'Water Zero' is an adhesive film for advertising which can be attached without water through forming an air path to remove bubbles. (PVC / PP / PET media which can print out an actual image)
It is a film which is highly adhesive and easily discharges air (bubbles) from an air layer formed between the surface and the adhesive film without using liquid compounds while attaching an advertising film. This film is removable and has a function for strengthening post-adhesiveness.
This DIY film, which consumers attach as materials for advertisements, interior films, actual image output and wallpaper that are used in our daily lives, can be applied in diverse ways. Outdoor: Car advertisements, billboard advertisements, outdoor fence advertisements, building wrapping advertisements, outdoor advertisements Indoor: Actual image graphics for window advertisements, panel advertisements, exhibition halls, PR center Interior: Indoor wall graphics

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Über uns


After steadily continuing R&D to improve quality of products in difficult conditions and fierce competition for survival, the company has been recognized by the global advertising market through selling goods in the nation and exporting to foreign countries and achieved good results. Mass-producing goods after succeeding in developing technology for Antibacterial product Shield24, actual image printing film Water Zero, special film for manufacturing light guide plates Smart Sheet and LED light panel Smart Light Box SIGN market business, the company has firmly strengthened competitiveness in the market.
We deeply thank our business partners and advertising companies which have helped us achieve those results for their interest and encouragement. We will continuously suggest innovative business directions.

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